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Are you my mummy?

Written in Red - Anne Bishop I think Anne Bishop needs an editor who'll shake her up and make her change her naming system. In all of her stuff the naming just comes out so pathetic it hurts to read some passages, but I sorta predicted that, as I did a few other things.Otherwise I liked this book, I like when there's actually enough description of a realm that I'm not lost in the story, specially when there's so much going on, the MC was a bit of an annoying Mary Sue (predicted) and all her routine and taming of the wild Others was boring but easy enough to gulp down, the alpha-male is of course there and slightly omnipresent (predicted), the hot female enemy fails (predicted), the relationship building actually exists (differently from 90% of the romance I stumble upon nowadays that jump on to sex and that's good enough to love someone) and the actual fighting and being badass was just, well, cool.Is Anne Bishop's formula getting a bit dated if someone who only read one her series can predict certain things? Maybe. It's up to the die-hard fans I suppose.So it was an enjoyable read overall, hoping for more for the next one.