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Are you my mummy?

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead Vampire Academy was the first vampire book I read since the end of the Twilight series. I must admit that, unlike most that enjoyed this book, I barely like Twilight and after the embarrassment that was its sequels and all the vampire literature hype that followed, I took a hard stand to avoid them as much as I could. The thing that made me read this one is that I thought that I might not have to worry about character development or a complex storyline. Well, I was right. Not that it lacks it, but it's not something I ever worried reading these books. Throughout the whole series (particularly the first four) I was enraptured in a way that I thought impossible for me right now when I have so many college books to pay attention to. I could honestly appreciate how the story's flat characteristics didn't allow the books to lose real quality. Even with all the dark themes it tries to approach, I considered it light and entertaining and recommend it to anybody in need of reading in ways of healing from whatever is bothering you.Must note though that the last two books appeared to me very rushed and lacking, something that can be consider disrespectful to the reader.