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Are you my mummy?

The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan Finally out, finally read, and thank god it's a great great book! I hadn't realized how I missed Percy throughout The Lost Hero, but reading Son of Neptune I felt some kind of relief that he was back and still a great character to watch out for. I really like Frank though I was worried on the beginning because of the 'asian american who gets bullied' stereotype that is going around too often, but he turned out pretty good. I like Hazel too but I don't think she's a very stable character yet. I'm VERY curious for the Leo/Sammy thing, specially because Leo is my favorite character so far in this new series.I also think all the 'roman' thing a bit too exaggerated, the greeks don't fuss so why do the romans?Only disappointment is that we don't see the other characters again, too big a cliffhanger not seeing Annabeth after so much tension I think.I believe the book is short enough that we could've been given at least a peak!