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Challenge Day 9 - A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

Princess Academy - Shannon Hale

“There you go... let it all slide out. Unhappiness can't stick in a person's soul when it's slick with tears.”

Princess Academy - Shannon Hale


Oh my, look at Shannon Hale in my challenge again. I might have to do a full run homage to her. To be honest, there aren't many books I read that I don't expect to like because I usually research it previously and if the first 1/3 of it doesn't catch me I just don't finish it. There are too many books out there to get stuck to some I don't really want to read.


I read this book not long after I read The Book of a Thousand Days even though I had it for much longer. In 2008/09 I was reading a lot of mature/philosophy/technical literature, Sartre, Eco and shiz and well, I had become sorta cinic towards tween/ya fiction. It's like at 20 I had regressed to being a snotty 15 year old thinking so highly of myself and not being really open about the things I loved so much before.


Thank goodness for Hale and her magic. I have so much to thank her for, her books rescued me from my bratty self and I started to enjoy reading lightness again. Phew.


I had thought Princess Academy would be sort of like Princess Diaries in a rustic background (and by that I mean vain and self-centered lost teens without much purpose) so I expected nothing good at first, but because I had liked Book of a Thousand Days so much I went for it anyway. And absolutely adored it. Smiled through the whole thing and it was light and delicious and I already said too much.


Now excuse me while I go re-read it.