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Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5) - Gail Carriger Closing up what could've been a much better series, Timeless tells a story that wraps loose ends in thin crusted pastry. Not much explained, not much action, not much explored and I just feel a bit saddened by all of it. I mean, for me, I couldn't be bothered to read more than one chapter a day before the 35% mark (according to my kindle). It was so slow to pick up, couldn't there have been more going on there then? Instead of embroiling me in the beginning some more information on Floote, Mme Lefoux, the egyptians and even the new hive or the new romance would be a lot more interesting.My opinion is that in that regard, this book fell flat of its potential.Apart from that, the humor was better than the middle books (maybe from the leave of having to roll my eyes at every nickname Lord A. could come up with) and now I just hope that maybe all these threads are still hanging on the off chance that the spin-off series will have some use of them.